Do you have everything?

Here's your checklist...

METAR, TAF, LLFC and weathercharts for departure-, enroute-, arrival- and alternate airport

NOTAMS for departure airport, enroute FIR's, arrival- and alternate airport

VFG, Jeppesen Bottlang (fuel, opening times, restrictions, ATC procedures, approach/circuit)

Charts (VFR/IFR enroute, departure airport, arrivals, approaches, circuits and alternate airport)

Navigation plan

Fuel calculation

Weight and Balance + CG calculation

Take-off roll+distance calculation (for departure-, arrival- and alternate airport)

Landing roll+distance calculation (for arrival- and alternate airport)

      Aircraft ship papers:
certificate of registration
airworthiness review certificate
radio station license
flight manual
pilot's operating handbook
weight and balance report
insurance document
search and rescue procedures
interception procedures

Flightlog (hours to next inspection)



Aircraft checklist

Navigational materials, pens, watch


Pilot license/medical


(Sun)glasses + spare

Life vest (if >50NM overseas) and/or dinghy

     Don't forget the " I'm Safe Checklist "